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Security warning on DirectAdmin page?

Many customers have asked that when they arrive on DirectAdmin login page (https://212.47.208.XXX:2222 or ) They receive a security certificate warning. Why is this

We use secure “self-signed” SHA-1 RSA SSL certificates (we can change them at any moment to always grant secure access to our customer to DirectAdmin management on our servers). Because those “self-signed” certificates are not supported by Global certificate authorities – they give security warning on most web-browser platforms.
Reality is that those certificates are secure and our customers can trust them and add a security exception on their browsers.


1. Internet Explorer

2. Mozilla Firefox
“I understand the risks” -> “Add an exception”

3. Safari

4. Google Chrome
(NB! DirectAdmini is not recommended to use with Google Chrome web-browser as Google Chrome has globally well known issues working with DirectAdmin platform)

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