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DirectAdmin Backups missing?

Starting from March 2014 – there is no more possibility to make/restore backups thru DirectAdmin under “create/restore backups”.

Why was this feature disabled:
1. That feature did not back up e-mails/files but only account conf and databases.
2. Radicenter takes same backups on daily bases.
3. Radicenter takes backups of user files every other day.
4. Customer can still download MySQL DB backup thru DirectAdmini “MySQL Management”.
5. Customer can still pack files to GZip/tar (“backup”) archive under DirectAdmini “File manager” and save it under his/her account or download via HTTP or FTP.


My hosting-account is missing backups folder – I had important files under there! How could I get it back?
During changes on removing that feature, DirectAdmin removed some files/folders (under “backups” folder) from few hosting-accounts on some cases.
Nothing is lost from servers and everything is backed up! If those files/folders are missing – Our customer support will restore them free of charge! (NB! Does not apply on other cases!)

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