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CMS systems and spammers

Because there have been frequent attacks against different applications and CMS programs (Joomla, WP, phpBB etc.) – our users major concern has been website safety and fighting spammers. I try to focus on some recommendations on how to secure your Web applications.

Info concerning Joomla can be found HERE

WordPress (WP)
Info concerning WordPress can be found HERE

Older versions than phpBB 3.0.5 there is a brief summary found HERE
phpBB 3.0.6 and newer versions security guidelines can be found HERE

Joomla – PhocaGuestbook
Additional info HERE


On Gallery 2 security WIKI

On Gallery 3 Codex

Some good ideas by one of PrestaShop user can be found:
(If you have some different but good security advices concerning PrestaShop – feel free to send them to us via e-mail to be added here)

SMF Forum
More info HERE

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