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Problems using Mac Mail program

Most our customers that are using Mac Mail program are reporting errors where Mail reports problems with logon/server – also after those errors customers webpage might not be available. That problem has occurred globally after last Mac Mail update by Apple. Problem is that when Mail program has run too long or computer gets suspended for a while – Mail forgots/confuses logon credentials/sessions and hence provides mail server with false info when fetching e-mails (Similar problem was and is with MS Outlook older versions). After providing false info (sometimes 5x per second) server puts IP to blacklist, blocking all future attempts to access server.

How to fix:

1. If you have problems accessing your server/e-mails – You should check your IP and send it to us (IP can be checked on ) for blacklist removal.
2. To fix Mail session errors You should choose one option from below:
a) Disable automatic mail send/recieve – use only manual one.
b) Close / kill Mail proccess before you close lid on your Mac.
c) Once per day – shutdown/restart your Mac (in place of suspending/just closing lid)


24.08.2012 – Found sound solution for this problem:
Disable the IDLE Function in Mac Mail

With the IDLE function enabled, Mac Mail will make a continuous connection to the server, and this will contribute to the problem. Instead, you can configure Mac Mail to periodically check for new mail. A reliable frequency for the idle feature is every 10 minutes to ensure that Mac Mail is cleaning out any lingering processes.

To disable the IDLE feature:

1. Select Mail | Preferences from the menu.
2. Choose Accounts.
3. Select the desired IMAP account.
4. Go to the Advanced tab.
5. Uncheck Use IDLE command if the server supports it.
6. Additionally, you can uncheck Include when automatically checking for new mail.

NB! If there’s same problem with iPhone – solution would be:

On the iPhone there is a function called “push,” and when it is enabled it keeps the connection to our server open and continually checks mail. Consequently, this creates many IMAP processes and eventually conflicts with mailhost Terms of Service.

To avoid running excessive IMAP processes, you can disable push when you don’t need it.

1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.
2. Toggle Push to Off.

Now, instead of retrieving emails continuously as they arrive, your iPhone will use the global Fetch setting to retrieve emails manually or at intervals.

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