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Problems when using webmail

Here we will list problems with webmail that are reported to us and probable solutions.

1. Squirrelmail memory exhausted error
If your mailbox size is too big or you have too many emails – Squirrelmail is prone to give out memory errors
– Decrease mailbox size (empty spam/trash – delete old or unwanted mails – archive old e-mails)
– Try to log on and use RoundCube webmail (

2. You send out one e-mail but recipient gets two e-mails
We have seen this behavior among Chrome browser users. As chrome makes 5 times more queries against web server than any other browser – webmail gets session error and sends out two e-mails.
– Use other browsers
– Try to log on and use RoundCube webmail (
(RoundCube seems not to have that problem among Chrome users yet.)

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