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Joomla CMS error via Installatron

Some users have reported errors when installing Joomla thru Installatron to pre-made MySQL DB.

As Joomla CMS has to have DB prefix (jos_ or xxx_ like) and Installatron does not know how to save one after last global update, then Installatron installs everything OK, but does not configure Joomla properly nor apply Your prefix to tables.

What to do:
1. Log on to your DB via phpMyAdmin
2. Select all Joomla tables (“Check_all”)
3. On the dropdown select “add prefix to table”
4. Add same prefix that you added manually to Installatron Joomla install.
5. Change configuration.php settings acordingly:
public $dbprefix = 'jox_'; (where “jox_” is the same prefix that you added previously to all DB tables)

When you refresh your page – everything should work now.

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Ok, got it.