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Email account settings

You can check e-mail account settings thru webmail:
1. Log on to Your domain webmail page ( https://webmail.registered-domain-name.zyx , where registered-domain-name.zyx should be replaced by Your own domain name!)
2. “Webmail Home” -> “Other Webmail Features” -> “Configure Mail Client”
(If “Webmail Home” button is missing from the top-right corner, You probably are on the right page already, proceed to “Configure Mail Client”!)

On “Configure Mail Client” page, You can find all needed SSL settings for Your e-mail program or to use manual settings under “SSL settings (Recommended)” box.

NB! Starting from 01.07.2020 – e-mail connection from customer computer to server will work only via SSL/TLS (unencrypted connections are not allowed!).
If You are using Windows XP or older MacOS operating system on Your computer (and/or outdated e-mail software), SSL/TLS encrypted connections to server are not possible and logins will fail! (E-mail can be accessed on outdated operating-systems only via Webmail if proper up-to-date web-browser is used!)
If there is a need to use e-mail program on outdated computer, either upgrade operating-system and/or e-mail program (that will use modern up-to-date encryption protocols with connection between server and computer)!

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