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How to copy account data between different DirectAdmin servers

In this example you see how to copy/move useraccount data from one DirectAdmin (DA) server to another with rsync
1. Log on to old server over SSH with your user credentials (We recommend Putty for that).
2. Log on to old server thru DA (
3. Back up your files and settings thru DA (Create/Restore backup -> Create backup)
4. When backup is ready – you will recieve an email notification. Move backup from old server to new one under /backups/ directory.
5. Log on to new server via DA. Go to “Create/restore backups” -> Select backup -> “Select restore options”. Select all checkboxes exept: DNS Zones: Includes all A records and MX records (NB! This one must be left empty!) -> Restore.
6. Sync all files from old server with new one (presuming you already have an existing account on new server)


-r - option is for recursively copying files
-z - enables compression during the transfer
-p - preserves the file permissions (file creation, edit, etc.)
-t - preserves timestamp from synced folder
-I - Enables rewrite if file exists on new server
--progress - Shows progress of current operation in real time
More info on rsync from HERE

(I have intentionally removed / from the end of synced folder because this way it will synchronize folder and files under it.)

7. It might be a bug that sometimes domain pointers (aliases) do not get included in DA backup – You should enter them to new server manually to be sure.

(If you copy/move account between Radicenter servers then please inform our helpdesk also via e-mail to be sure that domain IP get’s properly forwarded to new server! )

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