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Installatron automatic local backups are not functioning correctly (fixed 25.01.2019)

24.01.2018 – Installatron developers have fixed the flaw – fix should be working on all servers after 25.01.2019 04:00.
22.01.2018 – Installatron developers have found new additional flaw and will release fix/update in couple of days.
17.01.2018 – Installatron developers have found the flaw and will release fix/update in couple of days.

Last couple of days – end users have recieved notifications from Installatron application installer software, regarding failing local backups:

This is an automated email from Installatron. To unsubscribe from these emails or to change notification settings, login to your web hosting control panel, navigate to the Installatron tool, and select the installed applications you wish to modify.

The backup process for WESITENAME located at has failed and the details of the failure have been logged.

Technical error:
Error: There are no available backup locations. Please add a location using the ‘Edit’ button of this installed application.

End of report.

Mentioned error-report/degraded functionality is due to an automatic Installatron software update on server side – tho “local backup” is activated, after Installatron software update that functionality is degraded – not functioning.
Our serverteam with Installatron developers are trying to find solution to that problem.
NB! Installatron degraded local backup functionality does not in any way affect server local backups nor server backups!.
Upon finding proper solution, automatic Installatron local backups will start functioning normally again automatically!

Upon request, “quickfix” would be:

If Your web application is installed via Installatron and everyday local backups are needed for self restore possibility:
1. Log on to cPanel
2. Create new FTP account for backups – exmple:

NB! It is very important to add correct folder path!
3. Under Installatron, Your application settings under “backup”, click on “Add a new backup location.” and use FTP.
(NB! It is very important to generate/use secure password!)
It is not needed to assign SFTP nor other as FTP server is located on same server!
An example would be:

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