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Nameservers and managing nameservers records (A, TXT, CNAME, …)

1. Radicenter nameservers
2. Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records
– via cPaneli
– via DirectAdmin
3. Changing domain nameservers (ns1.*, ns2.*, ns3.*)
4. Old Netpoint nameservers out of service

1. Radicenter nameservers

Radicenter nameservers are:

Tho registrars may ask also nameservers IP’s to be added to nameservers fields, usually providing only name records will suffice!

2. Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records

Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records is possible thru webhostingaccount (cPanel or DirectAdmin):

1. cPanel
1. Log on to cPanel account
2. Go to:
cPanel -> DOMAINS -> Zone editor
3. Under domains list on the row with required domain, click “Manage”
– To change DNS record, click “Edit”
– To remove/delete DNS record, click “Delete”
– To add DNS record, click “Add record”

NB! DNS changes will be visible globally within/after 1 hour

2. DirectAdmin
1. Log on to DirectAdmin account
2. Select required domain (if there are many on list) and/or go to:
Your Account -> DNS Management
– To add DNS record, go to “Add Domain Records”
– To remove DNS record, select required entry and click “Delete Selected”
– To change DNS record:
a) Copy/paste required existing record text to specific fields under”Add Domain Records”
b) Change copied text as needed
c) Click “Save” (After that there will exist both: new and old entry!)
d) Remove old entry by selecting it and clicking on button “Delete Selected”

– Nameserver NS entries must not be edited/removed under/via “DNS Management”!!!
– DNS SPF TXT records must exist only one per domain!

3. Changing domain nameservers (ns1.*, ns2.*, ns3.*)

.EE and .FI domains nameservers can be changed via customerarea under shoppingcart on Radicenter webpage
To change international domains (.com/.net/.org/.eu/…) nameservers:
1. Log on to Radicenter customerarea
2. From menu on the left, click on domain name.
3. On domain info page, below, click on link: “Change nameservers”
4. Remove old nameserver entries and add required new ones and press “Submit nameservers change request”
(Automatic NS update may take time up to 0,5-24 h)

4. Old Netpoint nameservers out of service

All customers that have registered their domain names thru our services – we have updated proper nameservers on their behalf with domain registries.
Customers, who have registered their domain names elsewhere but are using our nameservers should update nameservers via their domain registrars – those customers have been notified on:

Dear customer

You receive this email because your domain uses Radicenter
nameserver service with old nameserver names. This notification is about following domain(s):


During nameserver system update, we will stop using following nameservers:

The old nameserver names will be terminated on July 31st 2018.
Prior to this date, you need to update by your domain nameservers. You can do it by your domain registry service provider.
New nameservers are:

1. You can make the change at any time appropriate for you,
new nameservers are already ready to receive traffic from your domain.
2. If you do not update your domain nameservers, domain will cease to work on August 1st 2018.

To check if Your domain uses old netpoint nameservers or to verify, who is Your domain registrar:
for .EE domains: EIS webpage
for .FI domains: Viestintäviraston webpage
for .EU domains: EURID webpage
for .RU domains: NIC.RU webpage
for .UK domains: NomiNet webpage
all other international domain names: DomainTools webpage

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