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FTP connection limit / Large files over FTP / FileZilla / ECONNREFUSED

1. FTP connection limit
2. FileZilla – Large files over FTP
3. FileZilla – ECONNREFUSED error

1. FTP FTP connection limit

From additional security features FTP connections to server from one IP are limited to 10 oer IP
Most FTP programs can manage connections themselves correctly, however FileZilla can not
On current case there must be possibility to change/limit possible FTP program sessions to 4-5 sessions (in some cases FTP GUI/program makes so called additional “control sessions” (double sessions per connection) in which case open connections count would be n*2)
In FileZilla this can be fixed:

File -> Site Manager -> Select your FTP Site from the left-hand menu -> Transfer Settings tab
Check “Limit number of simultaneous connections” and add max allowed connections no more than 4-5.

2. FileZilla – Large files over FTP

There have been couple of reports, when transferring large files over FTP (ex. 3GB > …) as if FTP does not save them to account/disk. FTP program starts to overwrite file or gives error as if connection has been lost. This problem has occurred amongst FileZilla and/or Mac users. However there is no max file size limit on server side!
Upload fails not on Server side bud somewhere between in router/firewall/antivirus/computer. Problem is that FTP program does not underestand when to use proper APPE command and uses STOR command instead (last command will start overwriting that file not appending), as so called “control session” drops/fails.
More info concerning that problem can be found on official FileZilla wiki:

As a solution, one could try:
1. For testing – change max allowed connection in FileZilla to 1.
2. On Windows machines one could try WinSCP program and on Mac – CyberDuck or from commandline “scp” program.

3. FileZilla – ECONNREFUSED error

Does not differ if You are trying to connect locally or from overseas, when You are behind proxy or firewall, You might get error: ECONNREFUSED
Problem is that FileZilla may not properly introduce it’s connection IP to server from behind firewall or proxy. (So even when Your IP is whitelisted and not blacklisted You still might get ECONNREFUSED)
Solution for that would be:
1. To access Network Configuration Manager in your Filezilla client, you press Edit and then select Network Configuration Wizard option.

You should now see a Firewall and router configuration wizard since we cannot make any changes here, press the Next button

2. You can now select a transfer mode, choose Passive (recommended) as Default transfer mode. Afterward, click on Allow fallback to other transfer mode on failure and press Next

3. All you need to select here is Use the server’s external IP address instead and press on Next

4. As you move forward with this configuration, you should select Get external IP address from the following URL:. If input field is blank, enter the default value which is: and press on Next

5. You do not need to make any specific port range configuration here, so select Ask operating system for a port and proceed by clicking Next

6. You have provided FileZilla with all the required information. Now you need to make sure that everything is configured correctly. Click on Test button and FileZilla will try to connect to in order to perform some simple tests.

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