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DomPDF addon and Error 500

During last weekend automatic system software/security update – among other patches/updates there was also libxml update. Starting from beginning of this week – couple of customers have reported that DomPDF addon they are using, is generating “500 – Server Error”. However, this is not a server error but a bug (feature) in DomPDF code/functionality. There has been already opened a bugfix request earlier concirning this issue on page:
2017-06-16 – Whitespace inside HTML tag breaks rendering #1494

What to do and how to fix this?

1. WordPress probable fix:
Website owner should add filter/function to WP if domPDF is used:

add_filter( 'wpo_wcpdf_dompdf_options', 'wpo_wcpdf_dompdf_options_custom', 10, 1 );
function wpo_wcpdf_dompdf_options_custom($options) {
	$options['isHtml5ParserEnabled'] = true;
	return $options;

2. Standalone DomPDF addon:
With newer DomPDF version, one should enable HTML5Parser in options:

$options['enable_html5_parser'] = true;

With older DomPDF version:

$options->set('enable_html5_parser', true);

3. Laravel domPDF:
There are many differend bug-fix requests with different solutions concirning Laravel domPDF depending of version used – those can be found on Laravel DomPDF Ǵithub issues page:
(On some cases there has helped to disable “table” on “body” CSS on other cases to enable HTML5Parser and to empty caches)

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