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User level E-Mail account managent – vacation message and password

Due to high demand, we have added additional plugin to DirectAdmin to enable E-Mail users to add vacation messages and change passwords.

How to activate plugin:
1. Log in to DirectAdmin
2. Choose domain if necessary and find: Advanced Features -> Email level installer
3. In new window choose address, where plugin will be installed  – for example

After activating the plugin you can go to the plugin admin login page:
Use your E-Mail address as username and password to login to administration panel.

In control panel you will find:

Current Usage – Shows E-Mail account usage stats
Change Password – Here You can change E-Mail password.
Vacation Messages – Here You can add or edit vacation messages (NB! If E-Mail account has an autoresponder, vacation message cannot be activated through here!)
Webmail – Links to webmail.
(NB! recommended is  RoundCube.)


K: Is it also possible to add autoresponders?
V:No. Autoresponders can be added only through DirectAdmin control panel.

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