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Google authenticator and secure 2 factor authentication on our DirectAdmin servers

For a while now 2Fa (2 factor authentication) feature has been enabled on our shared webhosting servers. What to do to enable it on Your DirectAdmin useraccount:

1. Log on to Your webhosting account via DirectAdmin
2. Select and click on “Password” from the main menu.
3. On Password page – click on: “Two-Step Authentication”
4. Download Google Authenticator app from Your devices appstore.
5. As 2Fa auth is not by default activated, one should generate new secret key for 2Fa auth.
6. New key (secret) is generated and webpage asks You to scan QR code from webpage to add Your DirectAdmin account to Your device
(NB! If scanning QR-code fails for some reason, You can always add account manually by entering generated SECRET KEY to your devices Google Authenticator app)
7. On previous page You can test if generating key worked and future auth will succeed by entering and testing random key from Your device to DirectAdmin page
8. If test succeeded You can turn on 2Fa auth and save changes to Your DirectAdmin account.

More info for Google Authenticator can be found from Your devices appstore and from page:
(Partial additional info or step-by-step can also be found on Googles official page on: )

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