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Possible problems on website after account migration from other control panels to cPanel

Here I try to explain possible problems and solutions on website after migration to cPanel server. 1. PHP shows wrong time or timezone missing / differs from MySQL’i timezone 2. Website shows old/wrong info 1. PHP shows wrong time or timezone missing / differs from MySQL’i timezone Other control panels may have their own Timezone […]

PHP versions and using/modifying those on cPanel servers

Couple of customers have asked us possibility to change domains PHP version in cPanel webhosting account. This is supported in cPanel and also thru commandline or via .htaccess file:

DomPDF addon and Error 500

During last weekend automatic system software/security update – among other patches/updates there was also libxml update. Starting from beginning of this week – couple of customers have reported that DomPDF addon they are using, is generating “500 – Server Error”. However, this is not a server error but a bug (feature) in DomPDF code/functionality. There […]

Faster PHP +opCache

Since some customers have found that our servers have been slower in some cases compared to some other providers and according to customer’s feedback and wishes, we took the decision to change the mod_php to php-fcgi (PHPFastCGI). We have also implemented Zend’i opcode cache module.

PHP versions and updates on DirectAdmin servers

Post added: September 18, 2014. Post updated: January 8, 2015 September 13, 2016 April 24, 2018 – This post/article applies only for DirectAdmin servers! (This post will be auto-updated upon new info) – Starting September 12, 2016 – PHP7 is available on all our servers and user-accounts! NB! PHP7 still lacks Zend and ionCube support! […]

Change of PHP version in DirectAdmin

Starting September 13th it is possible to choose between two different versions of PHP. If the account has more than one domain, it is possible to assign different versions to each domain. Supported versions are PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.5 1. Select Domain Setup, if your account has one domain (Figure 1) or the Domain […]

Homepage not working – PHP version is updated – Error: reference/function is deprecated

01.01.2014 – We updated PHP version from 5.2.* to 5.3.28 on last legacy server. Notifications about updates have been sent on dates: 2013-12-11 2013-11-02 2013-07-04 Notifications have been sent to contact e-mails reported by end user. Notification: — Dear customer We are sending you important information about updates and upcoming changes which you should pay […]

WordPress wp-admin folder / wp-login.php additional security filter

NB! Some WordPress blogs that have frequently being attacked by SpamBots / DDos – our system has automatically added additional security filter to prevent such things. Username: admin Password: radicenter How to protect wp-admin folder yourself: 1. Log on to DirectAdmin 2. From menu FileManager -> search for folder you want to protect with additional […]

PHP landing page for your domain for webmail usage

Some customers have asked what to add to their homepage to their customers or for themselves for better usage of webmail or for password reset via HTTP. I recommend to use following landing page script (NB! Following code should be added to file with .php extension): <html> <head> <title><?php $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ?></title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> […]

PHP ini settings / modify settings howto

All users can change global PHP settings via cPanel or .htaccess or by including ini_set() in their PHP conf file on cPanel servers. 1. On cPanel server depending from domain and PHP version: – Log on to cPanel – SOFTWARE -> MultiPHP INI Editor -> Basic Mode (if You wish to change main settings) -> […]


ImageMagick is installed and works. You can see this in your server by code: <?php echo “<pre>”; system(“convert -version”); echo “</pre>”; ?> Imagick class has not yet been added. ImageMagick: ImageMagick usage examples:

phpMyAdmin url on servers

1. phpMyAdmin on DirectAdmin 2. phpMyAdmin on cPanel 1. phpMyAdmin on DirectAdmin phpMyAdmin is accessible via url as: phpMyAdmin is also available/accessible via DirectAdmini: MySQL Management > phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin is accessible with username and password that You have created via “Add new database”. 2. phpMyAdmin on cPanel For cPanel and phpMyAdmin – more info […]

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