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External MySQL connections on our cPanel servers

Although there is “possibility” to allow external MySQL client connections to hostingaccounts under our cPanel server services, those are blocked on server level by default! However there is workaround to still use external connections for MySQL:

phpMyAdmin and cPanel servers

Couple of customers have asked us of any possibilities to use phpmyadmin on cPanel servers to give access to their webmasters to MySQL databases. Such possibilities are:

DirectAdmin Backups missing?

Starting from March 2014 – there is no more possibility to make/restore backups thru DirectAdmin under “create/restore backups”. Why was this feature disabled: 1. That feature did not back up e-mails/files but only account conf and databases. 2. Radicenter takes same backups on daily bases. 3. Radicenter takes backups of user files every other day. […]

Joomla CMS error via Installatron

Some users have reported errors when installing Joomla thru Installatron to pre-made MySQL DB. As Joomla CMS has to have DB prefix (jos_ or xxx_ like) and Installatron does not know how to save one after last global update, then Installatron installs everything OK, but does not configure Joomla properly nor apply Your prefix to […]

How to access MySQL from external server/IP

DirectAdmin: To access mysql from external IP on DirectAdmin servers, You must add that to ‘Access host’ via hostname or IP: DirectAdmin -> MySQL Management -> select DB -> Access Hosts -> Add IP or FQDN hostname cPanel: To access mysql from external IP on DirectAdmin servers, You must add that to ‘Access host’ via […]

phpMyAdmin url on servers

1. phpMyAdmin on DirectAdmin 2. phpMyAdmin on cPanel 1. phpMyAdmin on DirectAdmin phpMyAdmin is accessible via url as: phpMyAdmin is also available/accessible via DirectAdmini: MySQL Management > phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin is accessible with username and password that You have created via “Add new database”. 2. phpMyAdmin on cPanel For cPanel and phpMyAdmin – more info […]

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