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Massive spambot activity on Your websites feedback/registration forms?

In last years, we have seen many spam attempts on older CMS (Content Management Systems) (where during “attack”/spam spree, automated spambots will generate up to 5000 spam e-mails) Statistically most vulnerable are old and not updated WordPress and Joomla (2.5 and lower) CMS’es. What to do if/when Your website is used for spamming:

Malware and suspending customer accounts

Starting May 22nd 2014 will Radicenter close without prior notice those domains/websites/user accounts,  where owner has not responded to the malware warning information and/or whose pages contain dangerous malware (malware danger is decided by Radicenter). This measure is to ensure customer accounts security and to avoid possible future problems. Reason for this is: – Prevent […]

CMS systems and spammers

Because there have been frequent attacks against different applications and CMS programs (Joomla, WP, phpBB etc.) – our users major concern has been website safety and fighting spammers. I try to focus on some recommendations on how to secure your Web applications. Joomla Info concerning Joomla can be found HERE WordPress (WP) Info concerning WordPress […]

Joomla CMS error via Installatron

Some users have reported errors when installing Joomla thru Installatron to pre-made MySQL DB. As Joomla CMS has to have DB prefix (jos_ or xxx_ like) and Installatron does not know how to save one after last global update, then Installatron installs everything OK, but does not configure Joomla properly nor apply Your prefix to […]

Joomla/WordPress adminpage (/administrator , /wp-admin/ wp-login.php) asks for additional username and password

In the last few weeks there has been frequent attacks against Joomla/WordPress Content Management Software pages. The targets have been “/administrator” / “/wp-admin” folders and wp-login.php file, purpose is to break the username and password). We have taken precaution measures to increase security and added a login filter, which prevents “robots” to try login to […]

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