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FTP connection limit / Large files over FTP / FileZilla / ECONNREFUSED

1. FTP connection limit 2. FileZilla – Large files over FTP 3. FileZilla – ECONNREFUSED error 1. FTP FTP connection limit From additional security features FTP connections to server from one IP are limited to 10 oer IP Most FTP programs can manage connections themselves correctly, however FileZilla can not On current case there must […]

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Problem with file/folder rights (FTP, DirectAdmin, CMS)

Currently there may be occasions on some servers where file, uploaded thru website, gets owner “apache” and therefor cannot be edited thru FTP. What to do to fix that situation: 1. Log on to DirectAdmin 2. Go thru “File Manager” to desired file/folder. 3. Click on link “reset owner” after filename. (If you want to […]

FTP server / FTP account

Under our services there are 2 different control-panels (DirectAdmin ja cPanel) 1. DirectAdmin 2. cPanel 3. Additional info With DirectAdmin panel there is possibility to connect with non-updated FTP programs and unsecured connections but cPanel differs as it need only properly secured TLS connection or plaintext connection without TLS. (Not updated programs can not authenticate […]

How to copy account data between different DirectAdmin servers

In this example you see how to copy/move useraccount data from one DirectAdmin (DA) server to another with rsync 1. Log on to old server over SSH with your user credentials (We recommend Putty for that). 2. Log on to old server thru DA ( 3. Back up your files and settings thru DA (Create/Restore […]

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