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Horde webmail (and customization)

1. General information 2. Horde customization – Customize the Inbox display similar to Roundcube webmail – Automatically save contacts to the Address Book – Customizing the language of the mail account – Automatically sign emails

User level E-Mail account managent – vacation message and password

Due to high demand, we have added additional plugin to DirectAdmin to enable E-Mail users to add vacation messages and change passwords.

Gmail problems as of 05.04.2014

Some users have reported that they have not recieved emails sent from Gmail/google mailservers. This is global problem as some Gmail/Google mailservers have been listed in SpamCop RBL blocking list (more are listed every day). Errormessage that returns to sender is: The error that the other server returned was: 550 Email blocked by” Everything […]

Problems using Mac Mail program

Most our customers that are using Mac Mail program are reporting errors where Mail reports problems with logon/server – also after those errors customers webpage might not be available. That problem has occurred globally after last Mac Mail update by Apple. Problem is that when Mail program has run too long or computer gets suspended […]

PHP landing page for your domain for webmail usage

Some customers have asked what to add to their homepage to their customers or for themselves for better usage of webmail or for password reset via HTTP. I recommend to use following landing page script (NB! Following code should be added to file with .php extension): <html> <head> <title><?php $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ?></title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> […]

Problems when using webmail

Here we will list problems with webmail that are reported to us and probable solutions. 1. Squirrelmail memory exhausted error If your mailbox size is too big or you have too many emails ā€“ Squirrelmail is prone to give out memory errors Solutions: – Decrease mailbox size (empty spam/trash ā€“ delete old or unwanted mails […]

Using webmail

All our customers that have webhosting or e-mail packages under us, can use webmail service via internet. We have two webmails: Horde webmail and Roundcube webmail. Username is always e-mail address like yourname@yourdomain.tld URL for using webmail is as: 1. https://webmail.yourdomain.tld (where yourname@yourdomain.tld should be replaced with Your own domain name (without WWW prefix!)) 2. […]

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