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Faster PHP +opCache

Since some customers have found that our servers have been slower in some cases compared to some other providers and according to customer’s feedback and wishes, we took the decision to change the mod_php to php-fcgi (PHPFastCGI). We have also implemented Zend’i opcode cache module.

Verification of generic domain names contact data as per ICANN rules

Starting from January 1st, 2014 – ICANN requires all accredited registrars to verify their new contact information. You can read about ICANN’s new policy at: To complete this process, the Registered Name Holder must follow the instructions outlined in emails previously sent to them. However, they have not yet responded to the verification emails. […]

Nameservers and managing nameservers records (A, TXT, CNAME, …)

1. Radicenter nameservers 2. Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records – via cPaneli – via DirectAdmin 3. Changing domain nameservers (ns1.*, ns2.*, ns3.*) 4. Old Netpoint nameservers out of service 1. Radicenter nameservers Radicenter nameservers are: Tho registrars may ask also nameservers IP’s to be added to nameservers […]

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