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Google authenticator and secure 2 factor authentication on our DirectAdmin servers

For a while now 2Fa (2 factor authentication) feature has been enabled on our shared webhosting servers. What to do to enable it on Your DirectAdmin useraccount:

LetsEncrypt (Public BETA) sertificates on our servers / how to use

Many of our customers have requested for LetsEncrypt free SSL certificates support to their accounts. Now we have activated this feature on all of our shared web-hosting servers!

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Faster PHP +opCache

Since some customers have found that our servers have been slower in some cases compared to some other providers and according to customer’s feedback and wishes, we took the decision to change the mod_php to php-fcgi (PHPFastCGI). We have also implemented Zend’i opcode cache module.

PHP versions and updates on DirectAdmin servers

Post added: September 18, 2014. Post updated: January 8, 2015 September 13, 2016 April 24, 2018 – This post/article applies only for DirectAdmin servers! (This post will be auto-updated upon new info) – Starting September 12, 2016 – PHP7 is available on all our servers and user-accounts! NB! PHP7 still lacks Zend and ionCube support! […]

Change of PHP version in DirectAdmin

Starting September 13th it is possible to choose between two different versions of PHP. If the account has more than one domain, it is possible to assign different versions to each domain. Supported versions are PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.5 1. Select Domain Setup, if your account has one domain (Figure 1) or the Domain […]

Security warning on DirectAdmin page?

Many customers have asked that when they arrive on DirectAdmin login page (https://212.47.208.XXX:2222 or ) They receive a security certificate warning. Why is this

DirectAdmin login/URL

DirectAdmin can be accessed via URL as: http://www.yourdomain.tld:2222 (redirects to server URL) or as: (as example (if Your server IP is )) DirectAdmin account credentials are as: np***** or r****** (where ******* are numeric) If You have forgotten Your account password, but remember the username, You can reset/renew password on the same DirectAdmin […]

DirectAdmin Backups missing?

Starting from March 2014 – there is no more possibility to make/restore backups thru DirectAdmin under “create/restore backups”. Why was this feature disabled: 1. That feature did not back up e-mails/files but only account conf and databases. 2. Radicenter takes same backups on daily bases. 3. Radicenter takes backups of user files every other day. […]

Problem with file/folder rights (FTP, DirectAdmin, CMS)

Currently there may be occasions on some servers where file, uploaded thru website, gets owner “apache” and therefor cannot be edited thru FTP. What to do to fix that situation: 1. Log on to DirectAdmin 2. Go thru “File Manager” to desired file/folder. 3. Click on link “reset owner” after filename. (If you want to […]

Joomla/WordPress adminpage (/administrator , /wp-admin/ wp-login.php) asks for additional username and password

In the last few weeks there has been frequent attacks against Joomla/WordPress Content Management Software pages. The targets have been “/administrator” / “/wp-admin” folders and wp-login.php file, purpose is to break the username and password). We have taken precaution measures to increase security and added a login filter, which prevents “robots” to try login to […]

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