Horde webmail (and customization)

1. General information 2. Horde customization – Customize the Inbox display similar to Roundcube webmail – Automatically save contacts to the Address Book – Customizing the language of the mail account – Automatically sign emails

Possible problems on website after account migration from other control panels to cPanel

Here I try to explain possible problems and solutions on website after migration to cPanel server. 1. PHP shows wrong time or timezone missing / differs from MySQL’i timezone 2. Website shows old/wrong info 1. PHP shows wrong time or timezone missing / differs from MySQL’i timezone Other control panels may have their own Timezone […]

External MySQL connections on our cPanel servers

Although there is “possibility” to allow external MySQL client connections to hostingaccounts under our cPanel server services, those are blocked on server level by default! However there is workaround to still use external connections for MySQL:

Free Comodo AutoSSL certificates on cPanel servers

Some customers have asked about any free SSL service provider possibility on cPanel servers/accounts There is free Comodo AutoSSL possibility on all our cPanel servers (which is also auto-activated upon adding new domain/account to server). What differs from DirectAdmin packages is that on cPanel servers there is no more need for separate private_html folder for […]

phpMyAdmin and cPanel servers

Couple of customers have asked us of any possibilities to use phpmyadmin on cPanel servers to give access to their webmasters to MySQL databases. Such possibilities are:

FTP server / FTP account

Under our services there are 2 different control-panels (DirectAdmin ja cPanel) 1. DirectAdmin 2. cPanel 3. Additional info With DirectAdmin panel there is possibility to connect with non-updated FTP programs and unsecured connections but cPanel differs as it need only properly secured TLS connection or plaintext connection without TLS. (Not updated programs can not authenticate […]

Nameservers and managing nameservers records (A, TXT, CNAME, …)

1. Radicenter nameservers 2. Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records – via cPaneli – via DirectAdmin 3. Changing domain nameservers (ns1.*, ns2.*, ns3.*) 4. Old Netpoint nameservers out of service 1. Radicenter nameservers Radicenter nameservers are: Tho registrars may ask also nameservers IP’s to be added to nameservers […]